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6 Best Weather Apps for iPad

Best Weather Apps For iPad

There are too many third-party applications like these 6 best weather apps for iPad which update you with the forecast, to stop you wondering why Apple forgot to include a weather application in its much-hyped tablet. One thing is for sure, with the listed apps dropped into your Apple slate, you will never get stalled due to bad weather. Or you can hope for the best at least. So read on to find out which one you may want to download onto your tablet device.

1 – Weather for iPad:

Weather For iPad

Besides a simple user-friendly interface, this application keeps you hooked with its beautiful looks and elegant design. It displays day and night cycles and utilizes the GPS or Wi-Fi connection to provide real-time weather information, regardless of your location on the globe. It ought to particularly prove to be helpful for people who travel frequently. The local weather conditions for temperature, humidity and wind speed are symbolized through stylish icons and its screen auto-refresh function will automatically update the information every 15 minutes without your intervention. Besides English, the Weather for iPad app comes in other languages like Spanish, French, German and Italian. It also arrives integrated with the alarm function which works when the iPad is in the sleep mode.

2 – Weather+:

Weather Plus

This popular application complete with some professional features, has apparently been downloaded close to 6 million times. Along with the current climatic conditions, the offering brings to your Apple device the weather forecast for the next five days from weather stations all over the world.

Needless to say, it displays all sorts of details including precipitation, pressure and humidity in addition to full-screen video loops of climatic conditions for a selected location. You also get an option to switch the clock with a world clock or customize the widget layout using the multiple arrangements.

3 – The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel For iPad

The next application on our roster of recommended weather apps for iPad is the Weather Channel whose key attraction is its interactive and beautiful imagery. It utilizes TruPoint weather technology to help you plan trips in advance by making the forecast available for easy access.

Besides customizable weather maps and in-motion radar maps, it makes the latest news coverage, expert tweets and pictures shared by others available to users. The software also provides push notifications for extreme weather conditions at selected locations and delivers storm footage and videos at your disposal.

4 – Living Earth HD:

Living Earth HD

This high definition application augments the experience as it showcases the weather conditions of the globe in stunning 3D. Promising a beautiful live rendering of our planet, Living Earth HD in our weather apps for iPad roundup, lets you witness global cloud patterns and tropical storms. And this real-time cloud data is fetched from satellites and updated every 3 hours, says the developer.

With graphics being one of its main highlights, the app allows users to observe the sunrise and sunset as well as snow coverage from around the world along with day and night shadow lines as they progress with time through the planet. Although it works fine on the original iPad, the offering has been improved to provide even better graphics on the tablet’s successor.

5 – Weather Doodle:

Weather Doodle

This pleasant application comes packed with an interesting art theme, but if you seek even more variety, it lets you opt for the theme you prefer from the integrated store called The Art Shoppe. The theme displays paper graphics of snowflakes, lightning, clouds and more. Apart from this, you can choose designs from Eurocarta for the art of cartography, SteamScience for the age of glass and brass or Printmaker for colored block prints, all complete with their own unique graphics.

Boasting of retina graphics, it also lets you to share these weather conditions with friends through screenshots on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, this application that offers an intuitive user interface, changes the art with the time and moon phases.

6 – KOAA Weather:

KOAA Weather

Here we have something in our lineup of weather apps for iPad that’s intended for our readers based in Colorado. It is fashioned with those who are on the lookout for a more localized medium to detect weather conditions in mind. Although this application does not offer the climatic conditions of the whole world like most other apps featured on this list, it still is quite appealing for a local one. This fun app sure seems to have managed to impress many who have used it on their Apple slates. The software portrays continuous weather updates for cities like Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, Monument, Woodland Park and more.

With these apps installed in your Apple gadget, you may never have to cancel any plan due to bad weather conditions. Most of these best weather apps for iPad will inform you about the likely climatic conditions for the next few days as well. Armed with these goodies, you can probably stay prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw your way. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite weather apps before going out for that sunlit stroll.