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Wear Mini Launcher brings an app drawer on your Android Wear devices

Wear Mini Launcher is here to address perhaps the most demanded Android Wear feature of them all – an application drawer. For those frustrated by the lack of it, this free software will come as welcome news with its ability to present a pull-out menu for all your installed apps.

Why Android Wear’s app selection is a pain in the neck is due to the fact that you have a scroll from left to right in order to find the one you’re searching for. In the process, you also need to remember the initial letters of those apps, as they are arranged by names.

Wear Mini Launcher

But with Wear Mini, this is not an issue as you can access all your installed apps through a drawer like the one we have on usual Android phones and tablets. On the homescreen, you will need to pull out this drawer from the top left corner whenever you feel the need to open a certain app.

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This utility has been made by Nicolas Pomepuy who has in the past given us the Flickr plugin for the much popular Muzei wallpaper app. Live on the Play store right now, Wear Mini Launcher is working great with the LG G Watch, but according to Android Police it seems to be having a few issues with the Samsung Gear Live.

Regardless, you can expect these issues to be quashed within some days through an update. If you own either of the two Android Wear smartwatches, head over to the Google Play store to download and try out the Wear Mini Launcher.