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Waze gets first big update since Google acquisition

Social navigation tool Waze has begun rolling out version 4.0 of its app, the first major update it’s gotten since it was bought out by Google. The application now boasts of a clean and intuitive interface, along with battery saving features.

Tapping in Waze has been reduced to a minimum. The button on the bottom left pulls up a navigation menu with a user’s favorite and frequent locations. The icon on the bottom right lets them get in touch with their contacts directly. People can send their friends information such as their current position and estimated time of arrival.

Pressing on the central button where the ETA is displayed reveals alternate routes to take and the option to place a stop. Waze claims reporting is supposed to be quicker now as the menu loads faster and the report button has been placed right on the map in the form of a colorful orange button.

Waze App

Categories within the menu are now color-coded. Individuals can choose to alert others about stuff like traffic, accidents, gas prices and hazards. There’s also a quick report action which gets activated when a person long-presses the report menu. Waze has additionally designed the app to guzzle up the minimum amount of battery power required.

It’s a big deal considering the tool is required to be constantly open for long periods of time while traveling. Finally, there’s a nifty new feature which allows users to sync their calendars with Waze. The app will be on the lookout for traffic on the day of an event and sends a notification to leave on time based on the data it gathers.

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Waze version 4.0 is only available for the iOS platform right now and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. The company promises the Android app is coming soon.