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Waterproof PC concept will accompany you in the Pool

Waterproof PC concept

If you are glued to your computer and get no time for some physical exercise, then dip yourself in the pool and carry along your personal computer with you. Yes, you heard it right, the latest concept PC dips along with you into the pool and allows you to work directly from the pool.

Fit on the compact computer on to your floating rubber rings and relax yourself in the aqua zone. Enjoy movies, play music or watch music videos while you enjoy the luxury of water. If you want to chat with your friend, then connect to MSN and draft a mail and send it across to your colleagues while you rest your muscles in water.

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If you are getting wrinkled while you soak in the water, step out of the pool and use the PC like a desktop computer. The concept computer offers technical specifications such as GPRS receiver, Bluetooth connectivity and magnetic charging interface. If you want to allow your loved one to get a sneak-peak while you swim, the PC also packs in an in-built webcam with a 7-inch LCD display and a stereo speaker set.

There is no clarity if this concept gadget will get life or not, however the idea seems to be unique and intelligent. Not only in the pool, but the PC can be used in the bathtub or at the beach as well.

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