Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker – Get wet

Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker

Here’s dropping in one more gadgets that boasts about water-proof systems and is all ready to accompany you to the pool-side or the shower room. The Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker from Net Japan is all set to deliver MP3 tunes to the wet places of the house.

The waterproof gadget is a rescue system for your expensive MP3 players that cannot be taken along with to the shower-room. The water-friendly Juke Tower MP3 Speaker plays on with a removable USB flash drive. So the next time, the music needs a change, let the speaker remain in the bathroom and load on new tune via the USB flash drive through the PC.

The Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 speakers get their fuel from 3 AA batteries which deliver around 12 hours of playback. The speaker also flash off its embedded red LED display on the side which displays time which can be useful to keep a look at if you are getting late to work. And the same LED display also display the current track being played. At a price of $129.99, the device goes up for sale on online stores.

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