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Watching Netflix shields you from 160 hours of commercials per year


Cable TV is fast on its way to playing second fiddle to services like Netflix, and the credit for this definitely goes to the fact that they don’t show ads to their users. It has been learnt that the most used streaming service in the world shields its average consumer from a whopping 160 hours or about 6 days of advertisements in a year.

The 75 million-subscriber strong company has maintained its ad-free nature from inception. In fact, it’s this particular policy that has allowed it to gain such a large user base. It created such a big influence that several cable networks had to cut down on their TV commercials in order to bring more audiences towards them.

A website named Cordcutting has done some calculations and has said that by watching all your TV content on Netflix, you can save yourself from being bombarded with 160 hours of TV commercials in a year. The numbers it crunched to arrive at this figure are pretty easy to understand.

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The agency took into account that Netflix has 75 million subscribers worldwide. It then combined them with a recent revelation that users manage to stream 125 million hours of content every day. That means an average subscriber watches 1 hour 40 minutes of content per day.

The action now moves to some Nielsen data which has showed that a typical hour of cable TV includes 15 minutes and 38 seconds of commercials. And if this is combined with the amount of time a person spends on Netflix every day, it is learnt that 158.5 hours per year of commercials are skipped by them.

It’s fascinating to know that watching movies and TV shows on Netflix can result in such a big impact on your ad consumption.