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Watch: Thieves steal $29000 worth of iPhones, iPads from Apple Store

Apple Store Robbery
Image Credit: Costa Mesa Police Department

Apple products have always been popular targets for thieves, but it’s become a huge headache for the company of late. That’s because two of its Apple Stores in the US got robbed in broad daylight in recent weeks and a third one just got added to the list.

The target this time around was an Apple Store in Costa Mesa, California. The police released surveillance video of the burglary, showing how a group of 5 individuals wearing hoodies just casually strolled into the shop and pretended to browse around. Within seconds, they begin ripping off iPads and iPhones from their tables and try to run away.

An off-duty cop tries to stop them at this point, but they wriggle away while delivering a few kicks in his direction. Police told the Orange County Register that they stole over $29000 worth of Apple merchandise. All the thieves are apparently males in their early to mid-20s. They managed to get away in a car and haven’t been caught yet.

What’s really striking about the video is that the thieves didn’t draw any weapons or really have to struggle to steal the iPhones and iPads. Apple’s open store design is partially to be blamed for this. After all, there’s little stopping such crooks from running in and out with thousands of dollars worth of goods.

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This is actually the second time a California Apple Store has gotten robbed this month. A Fresno outlet also saw four men enter and steal $27000 in iPhones and MacBooks. Just a day prior to this, five hooded burglars bagged more than $19000 worth of iPhones from a Huntington Station Apple Store in New York.

Perhaps Apple should reconsider its open store design so that it’s harder for thieves to get away with incidents like this. Of course, very enterprising ones like the crooks who stole $100000 worth of iDevices by breaking in through the roof of a Best Buy will always be around even if security steps up.