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Warpia ConnectHD wireless webcam for HDTVs unveiled

Warpia ConnectHD

Companies may have adopted various technologies for streaming content wirelessly, but the Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC webcam tries to differentiate itself from the lot. Through 2 USB adapters, this device holds the capability of connecting a laptop or a computer to an HDTV without the use of cables.

Within applications such as Skype or MSN Messenger, conference calls can be made in 720p HD quality with help from the built-in webcam and the external mic. To get a PC or a laptop connected to an HDTV, the packaged contents include 2 wireless USB adapters, one for the PC and the second attachable to a TV set as well as the camera. Besides these, the device is accompanied by an external microphone, an HDMI cable and a CD to install all the necessary software.

Warpia ConnectHD 1

The webcam can also be used for various other purposes as well. Content such as movies, videos and pictures or even applications like Facebook and Twitter can be streamed onto TVs in 1080p full HD from any computer. By eliminating the hassle involved in attaching wires, the device is stated to create a convenient way for users to surf the web, check emails and do a lot more. The benefits of this gadget could apply to gaming too. Instead of just playing in front of a PC screen, titles can be streamed onto an HDTV for a more enriched experience.

The Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC price tag reads at $199.99 and it is available online through the company’s website. For proper compatibility, the requirements sheet states the need of a USB 2.0 port, a Core 2 Duo processor clocked at a frequency of 1.8GHz or higher and 1GB of RAM.