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You have been warned: WhatsApp Plus for Android is fake and your privacy is at risk

You’ve probably read the many reports hitting the web stating that there’s a new WhatsApp Plus application in the works with many great features to offer. While the company is indeed working on various fresh additions to its messenger service, the said app isn’t legitimate and is a security threat as it could install malware onto your smartphone.

WhatsApp Plus has been around from quite a long time and it recently started making headlines for unknown reasons. The fact that it offers various features that are not supported by the original release could be attributed to its rise to fame. But let’s warn you – Neither has the Facebook-owned company created this tool nor does it promote it.

WhatsApp Plus

In short, the application is a modified apk (Android app) file where someone has tinkered with the software to enable new capabilities. There’s also a dedicated website that details the exclusive features which includes the ability to change the UI colors and fonts as well as other visual elements. It’ll also let you send larger files and give you the ability to apply downloadable themes.

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The controversial blue ticks can even be disabled. These features sure are attractive, but would you choose them over the safety of your messages, contacts and shared media. Third-party apps like this one will probably store your content in a remote server not owned by WhatsApp and your messages aren’t likely to be encrypted either.

Our recommendation is that you stay away from WhatsApp Plus and remove it if you already have it installed. If you choose not to, that’s perfectly fine – It only gives us a reason to say ‘told you so’ when a fiasco similar to Snapchat’s ‘snappening’ takes place.