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Want to fake how much self-esteem you have on Facebook?

So there’s this new study which says that you’re probably high on self-esteem if you spend most of your Facebook time adding personal information. It also implies that people with low self-esteem are most likely to be exceedingly concerned about what friends are posting to their walls or the pictures they are being tagged in.

The thing is, you might have crappy friends or frenemies who make it a habit of tagging you in the most unflattering photos of you they can find. And after calling in sick at work, there’s always the annoyingly absent-minded pal who’ll post ‘See you at Starbucks in ten’ on your wall no matter how many times they’ve been told that the coffee date is supposed to be hush-hush.

Facebook Tagging

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Media Effects Research Laboratory’s report states that there are two different ways in which users build their virtual identities. If you can laugh off funny pictures of yourself and stay cool about whatever people post to your wall, while busying yourself sharing family, career, education, relationship and similar details, it’s an indicator of healthy self-esteem. Big surprise.

But if you’re more concerned about trying to shape the manner in which others perceive you, it’s apparently telling of lower self-esteem. Though the study takes into account how 225 students from a South Korean university claimed to use their Facebook accounts, it seems to fall short in a couple of ways. The sample group of participants appears to be quite small.

It’s been said that users with low self-esteem constantly guard their walls and delete unwanted posts. How about some statistics on how much time these participants spend online? If you were signed into Facebook for most of the day, how many personal details could you keep adding to your profile before having to resort to watching your wall for entertainment and then deleting ‘dangerous’ posts? We mean, why would you delete a harmless post?

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Now, would you actually bother using this information to fake how much self-esteem you have? As for those of you who waste a lot of time monitoring what friends post to your timeline, did you know you can bar people from doing so through Privacy Settings > Timeline and Tagging? You can.