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VX2235wm, VX1935wm, VX2035wm – the 3 New ‘Bigger, Faster and Sleeker’ Widescreen LCDs by Viewsonic

Viewsonic's latest LCD

Viewsonic has introduced 3 new widescreens of the LCD variety that offer maximum desktop enjoyment. The latest Viewsonic widescreen monitors are 19, 20 and 22-inchers that are a perfect amalgamation of style, high style and performance.

“Widescreen monitors have proven to be a perfect choice for those enjoying digital entertainment on the desktop and for business professionals to see more information on one screen and easily switch between applications and projects,” said Jeff Volpe, vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas. “ViewSonic is aggressively attacking this market demand by offering innovative widescreen options that take full advantage of the latest advances in computer operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Vista.”

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First and foremost amongst the three is the ViewSonic 22″ VX2235wm widescreen LCD, which brings high style and high performance to desktop displays. With the ViewSonic VX2235 monitor you get to experience the ultimate gaming. Movies and entertainment with fast 5ms video response, Dynamic Structure Technology and an ultra-high 700:1 contrast ratio (typ). The images have amazing, crystal-clear detail with no blurs or ghosting. The widescreen enhances productivity because it lets you work in two applications side-by-side simultaneously. The integrated speakers offer rich sound to accompany your games, DVDs and other visual entertainment. Optisync Digital (DVI-D) and Analog Inputs provide flexible connectivity options. Mount this glossy piano-black, slim-bezel LCD on your wall and get to work – or play. The Viewsonic 22″ VX2235wm widescreen LCD comes at an MSRP of $399.00

The second in the string of launches is ViewSonic’s 19″ VX1935wm widescreen LCD that sets an altogether new standard in high-performance and high-style displays for gaming, entertainment or graphics-intensive applications. Dynamic Structure technology accelerates video response for broadcast-quality 5ms video response that delivers games and movies in amazingly clear detail with no blurs or ghosting. The widescreen enhances productivity because it lets you see two documents side by side without toggling. Connect your game console, DVD player and other components through the Digital (DVI-D) and Analog Inputs. Enjoy a full multimedia entertainment experience with built-in stereo speakers. A Kensington security port offers provides theft deterrence and the OSD and power lock prevent unauthorized changes to your optimal screen settings. The glossy, piano-black finish beautifully complements any desktop. ViewSonic’s 19″ VX1935wm widescreen LCD is priced at $199.00

And finally ViewSonic’s 20.1″ VX2035wm sets new standards in style and performance. The 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio engrosses you in games, videos and Internet content like never before. The large screen size is perfect for working in two documents or applications simultaneously with no toggling. And when it’s time for games, you’ll see more of the action and your scores will soar. The Fast 5MS video response time delivers blur-free, full-motion video and scrolling text. OptiSync digital and analog inputs let you connect multiple components and the built-in stereo speakers and amp complete the desktop entertainment. The latest OSD and power lock prevent accidental changes to your monitor settings, while the Kensington security port offers theft deterrence. Viewsonic VX2035wm monitor is the fast, fun desktop display with a difference. Get ready to shell out $349 for the ViewSonic’s 20.1″ VX2035wm.

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