VU LED-24K16 TV Review


As we walk past CRT sets, LCDs and now LED TVs have been widely accepted by consumers and their homes. A large TV isn’t just a part of public places or hospitality industry. Talking precisely about LED TVs in India, apart from their superior characteristics they are known to carry outrageous price tags. This notion has undergone drastic change with sky high prices seen alighting and slowly getting within the reach of an expanding consumer base. One such affordable display product is the VU LED-24K16 TV that we’ve received for review.

The VU LED TV came packed in a carton with enough room to accommodate accessories such as remote, wall mount bracket, Scart connector, battery, table top Stand, RF cable and user manual. At 4.6Kgs, the TV seemed quite easy to handle and we preferred fixing it to the provided stand which is simple using two screws and adds another 2.4Kgs. Although the frame did wobble, you can mount its 564mm X 370mm X 44mm frame (without the stand) on a wall. The 24-inch (60cms) display is surrounded by a glass bezel, while the black bezel extends further showing a transparent glass portion on the lower side. This gives the TV a good finish and an attractive look.

The VU logo took its position at the lower centre part which also camouflages a power indicator with a red LED and the remote sensing window is fixed on the right side. The TV came across slightly slimmer than our 22-inch Samsung monitors, posing a glossy look. As you peep on its backside, the main power switch is integrated on the lower left side. Moving towards the right you will notice a column of physical buttons – Menu, Source select, Volume up, Volume down, Channel up, Channel down and Power. A set of input and output ports rest aside a strip that lets you lay fingers on VGA, VGA audio, ANT 75ohms, headphone and USB. You will also see component inputs, HDMI port and SCART. So, if you are an entertainment freak then effortless connection to DVD, PC, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players is also possible.

VU LED-24K16

The 24-inch 16.7 million color screen isn’t gigantic but capable of emitting decent 1920 X 1080 HD picture quality. With attributes like 300cd/m² brightness, 16:9 aspect ratio, 5ms response time and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the VU device manages to display a fine image quality. The full functional remote control lets you tweak its features within the comfort of your couch. It does not quite match to the TV with grey-silver shades on the front and black on the backside. Running on two AAA batteries, the rubber buttons of the remote weren’t hard to press. The remote is functional within 8 meters while you could stretch a step away to still find it functional.

On the handy remote, the main power button lay elongated right on top and slightly below it were buttons to directly select Picture and Sound modes. The picture mode enabled us to choose from standard, bright, soft and users options. The standard option displays your normal picture while the others help you make it brighter, mild and feature your set, respectively. The sound mode comes with the various music mode, standard music and we also tried enhancing dialogues. Just following these buttons were Still and Mute. Tweaking the settings is simpler with the remote as you enter the Menu button. The Menu is smartly divided into four sections – Picture, Sound, Screen, Function and Channel.


Starting with the picture quality, the aforementioned display features help render a decent screen quality. The brightness, contrast and sharpness can be adjusted to suit one’s needs. The viewing angle is fine and you won’t even find it too reflective or glossy. The Enhanced settings function further takes you to Backlight adjustment. The color temperature can be changed to cool or warm or can be simply kept standard. You can pick from zooming options like 1: 1 (didn’t really help much, needless to say), 4:3, full screen and also panorama.

The Screen section allows image positioning while its integrated speakers emit loud and considerably clear sound. With options like surround and equalizer, it can be further enhanced. Apart from the built-in speakers, the VU LED-24K16 TV offers a choice to connect external headphones so that you can keep yourself entertained without disturbing others. Moreover, the lip sync function has been added to keep sound and lips in synchronization.

The channel settings section is all about managing your channels. So, you can skip, edit, delete and even copy channel while adjusting channel numbers. In case you wanted to re-start the channel assigning process then just hit on Clear All. Resetting the TV is also possible with the Factory Reset function. Channel lock along with parental lock has been incorporated to restrict children and teens from certain inapt channels. The password of this functionally can be changed with a few clicks. Amidst the simple usage, we found it lagging in terms of channel switching which took considerable 30 seconds to move to another channel.


Just like most TVs these days, the VU LED-24K16 supports backward compatible 2.0 USB port to access content from the storage devices. We had to connect the device and enter multimedia through the DMP button which instantly displayed the external device. With multimedia buttons like play, rewind, forward and so on, you can run through all your favorite content. The interface isn’t the slickest we’ve seen but we must say it’s a straightforward and simple process. The TV plays MP3 files and also displays JPEG images on its screen. The images appear quite well. The screen also shows a function menu with function buttons, orientation and so on.


VU has done a fine job by placing this LED TV within a reachable price bracket.

Setting up as well as operating the LED TV is maintained simple by VU.

The sound quality is quite decent.


We would have appreciated if the picture quality could have been better.

We were a little disappointed with the overall build of this VU LED TV.

Our Shout


VU hasn’t dished out the best in LED TV range but the product comes across pretty decent for a price under 15K. Evidently, the price tag comes with its share of compromises. The combination of its screen and audio may not be able to completely satiate your thirst and its 24-inch screen size may also be a hindrance. However, it packs in a decent set of functions for a price of Rs. 14,000. On our rating ladder, the VU LED-24K16 TV climbs a rating of 7 out of 10.