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VTech IS6110 – the First Instant Messaging Cordless Phone unveiled

VTech IS6110

Instant Messaging (IM) on QWERTY keypad devices is a thing of the passé, but for sure you would not expect this feature to grace a cordless phone! Well, interestingly you can now.

VTech has revealed that it is shipping the first cordless phone system that features instant messaging capability via a QWERTY keyboard. Apart from offering the normal landline capabilities, the new VTech IS6110 includes free access to MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. Simply connect the base unit through a USB port to the PC, and get started. The IS6110 sports an extra-large, high-resolution color LCD and full keypad, which allows its users to easily read messages and text multiple buddies simultaneously.

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Furthermore, the VTech IS6110 cordless phone boasts a “click-to-talk” feature that allows users to enjoy instant voice (peer-to-peer) chats with friends. Available on the latest DECT 6.0 platform, the Wi-Fi friendly IS6110 also features superior interference-free sound quality, security and range.

Users can customize ring tones by recording directly from the PC or stereo equipment (MP3, CD etc.) or choosing from 17 “real” musical ring tones preset into the phone. Caller ID/call waiting, a 50 name/number directory and a handset speakerphone are the other features included.

The VTech IS6110 instant messaging cordless phone can be purchased from the company site at vtechphones.com or from Best Buy retail stores (USA) for a suggested $99.

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