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Voice on the Go software for Hands-free Voice Access now available for Apple iPhone

Voice on the Go Software for iPhones Voice on the Go, provider of mobile voice solutions has announced the availability of a new software for Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. Also known as Voice on the Go, this software offers the user hands-free voice access to email, calendar, contacts, traffic, news and other content while driving or at any other time.

It is common knowledge that using mobile phones and text messaging while driving is illegal in an increasing number of countries, states and jurisdictions. Thus, Voice on the Go offers iPhone users a way to safely access their email and other content while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

The Voice on the Go software can be used with a headset or hands-free kit. Thus, users will be able to listen to their email rather than reading it. Users will also be able to place calls by voice using the hands-free.

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“iPhone is a revolutionary mobile phone that seamlessly integrates multimedia and Internet services. Voice on the Go extends this multimedia capability which allows users to safely and legally access their email and other content with their iPhone by voice in the car while driving- anytime, anywhere,” said Simon Arnison, president and chief executive officer of Voice on the Go.

Voice on the Go software is available to all iPhone users. Moreover it can be activated quickly with no voice training, special hardware or software to download. This software also works on just about any carrier network and supports most popular email services.

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