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Vodafone test runs HSPA + Mobile Broadband speeds of up to 16 Mbps

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The most recent news in the mobile terrain is that Vodafone has successfully trialed a new mobile broadband technology that managed to achieve actual peak data download rates of up to 16 Mbps. The novel technology is the joint effort of Vodafone along with Ericsson and Qualcomm Inc.

Field dry runs of the HSPA+64QAM technology on Vodafone’s Spain network revealed this high speed data connection. After having successfully tested the 16Mbps broadband speeds, Vodafone is now working on cracking down mobile broadband data connections that boast of peak rates of up to 21Mbps. Based on the HSPA+ MIMO functionality, Vodafone plans to introduce this technology by early 2009.

If Vodafone experts are to be believed then the particular technology can offer standard video download speeds of nearly 13Mbps. While 13 Mbps is the video download speed Vodafone is looking for in good conditions, the telecom operator hopes to reach an average of more than 4 Mbps for downloads in typical cell locations which include urban areas too.

Here’s what Andy MacLeod, Global Networks Director of Vodafone has to say: “Successfully demonstrating a live HSPA+ high speed connection has been a key milestone in continuing to build confidence in this new technology. The results show that HSPA+ technology is well placed to further enhance our customers’ mobile broadband experience through the evolution of our existing 3G networks.”

Having achieved unbelievable data throughput rates achieved in laboratory tests, Vodafone claims that the HSPA+ technology is the next step in the evolution of mobile broadband technology. With this technology, Vodafone hopes to enhance the 3G HSPA experience by incorporating the advanced modulation technique called 64QAM.

Enhancing the user’s mobile performance, the 64QAM in combination with multiple antennae on both base stations and data devices delivers impressive data speeds. The company is also gearing up to launch novel devices that will support both 64QAM and MIMO functionality. The HSPA+ mobile broadband devices are currently being trialed, tested and validation before they are made commercially available.

Currently Vodafone allows mobile broadband customers to download data and surf the internet at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. The HSPA+ mobile broadband technology is being looked forward to augment a user’s overall mobile experience.

After completing the dry runs if successful Vodafone plans to make this technology available in selected commercial networks by early 2009.