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VLC Media Player hops on to iPhone

VLC Media Player on iPhone The popular and favorite player on computers now features on the iPhone as well. The VLC player that plays a list of file formats will be supported by the iPhone now.

The iPhone which plays videos in a landscape format and supports usually MP4 formats will entertain elegantly with the VLC Media Player. The phone that features drag and drop facilities will now be able drag and drop video formats on to the VLC media player similar to the computer interface.

This application will not only benefit iPhone users but also iTouch iPod will be able to derive benefits out of this new introduction on the Apple products. VLC player will give the convenience of transferring video files directly on the device and enabling you to play any file format without the requirement of conversion software which is a tedious task and time-taking as well. The application initially presents itself in beta form, but a public release will soon introduce itself for the sleek and stylish Apple Beauties.

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