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Vizio Notebook, Thin + Light Ultrabook unveiled

Vizio Thin Plus Light

The Vizio Notebook and Thin + Light Ultrabook are the first of their kind to surface through the Irvine-based consumer electronics manufacturer. Similar to most new laptops, these devices are equipped with the latest generation Intel Core processors and Kepler-class graphics from Nvidia.

Officially branded as the Vizio Thin + Light, this Ultrabook flaunts a sleek form factor while maintaining a durable and lightweight design through an anodized aluminum unibody construction. It employs an SSD for hoarding content and quick boot up times. The device will basically be available in 2 variants – the first option sports a 14-inch HD+ display and the second comes with a 15.6-inch full 1080p HD panel.

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“We know how important it is for Vizio to have its PCs deliver best in class performance,” expressed CJ Bruno, Intel VP, GM Americas. “Vizio has repeatedly shown its ability to deliver leading technology to its customers and we are thrilled that 3rd generation Intel core processors will power Vizio’s latest computing innovations. We think people will be amazed by the stunning visual experiences in these new systems, from the beautiful all-in-one to the slim, stylish and responsive Ultrabook device.”

Vizio Notebook

Fitted onto the Vizio Notebook is a full HD 1080p display that stretches up to 15.6 inches diagonally. This laptop features a stylish and lightweight profile with a portable as well as durable aluminum unibody design. The company has also thrown in a concealed passive heat venting system which aims to keep the temperature under control and eliminate the need for noisy and unnecessary fans. For entertainment buffs, this laptop and the aforementioned Ultrabooks incorporate the SRS Premium Sound HD enhancement for a rich audio experience and HDMI output.

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The Vizio Notebook and Thin + Light Ultrabook price tags start at $898. Interested buyers can find these laptops through online retail outlets such as Walmart, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target and Microsoft Store.