Vivitar DVR565 HD Camcorder: Best Performance with Best Affordability

Vivitar DVR565 HD Camcorder If you are tired of the luxury gadgets where prices climb up sky high and if you prefer a gadget that serves the purpose and is available at economical rates, then the search ends here. The Vivitar DVR565 HD Camcorder introduces its powerful camcorder which delivers the best performance and presents itself in affordable rates.

With a swivel screen which easily rotates according to your requirement, the DVR565 records in formats of MPeg-4 H.264 with a 720p at 30 frames per second resolution. The camcorder can also play MP3 tracks of your choice. The Vivitar DVR565 proudly displays its 5MP camera which stores all the data on its 32MB built-in memory which may be less but the device accepts external memory card, so a SD card of your choice can be added.

The device is as thick as 1-inch and carries a very affordable price tag of just $129.99. The Vivitar DVR565 HD Camcorder is ideal for those who are not fussy about their gadgets and are ready to accept basic and simple functions.

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