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ViTiny Pocket-Sized Microscope announced by 3R systems

ViTiny Microscope Medical gadgets are slowly reaching the hands of the common man and this is all thanks to technology. Although technology may be blamed for introducing medical devices to the masses but technology also ensures that the safety precautions have been taken care of. The ViTiny Pocket-Sized Microscope by 3R systems provides a microscopic view with its most compact size that fits into your pocket easily.

The device measures only 120×56x25mm and looks through a 300,000 pixel CMOS sensor and displays the images through its 1.8’’ LCD screen. The device also possesses 2 MB of memory for that additional storage space. The ViTiny zooms upto 24-90x zoom and provides the minutest of views.

The large microscopes in the laboratory need proper training and practice, now technology gifts the medical field a device that can be carried around easily by the doctors and the common man can also make use of it, provided they are extremely knowledgable about medicine and health.

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The pricing and availability of the ViTiny Pocket-Sized Microscope has not yet been revealed by 3R systems.

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