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Visual Radio Soon to be Launched by Nokia with Radio Mirchi and Hutch

Visual Radio by Nokia The long awaited Visual Radio is finally here. For those of you, who have no idea what Visual Radio has to offer, read on. Visual Radio is a cellular project of Nokia and Hewlett Packard, which will help to redefine the FM radio experience especially for your cell phone. Visual Radio is now being launched in India, in partnership with Radio Mirchi and well known cellular provider Hutch. Initially, Visual Radio was launched in Delhi. The service will be available on Airtel as well as other services.

Visual Radio is an interactive visual radio experience, which is delivered via the cellular network onto the screen of a mobile handset. For the first time, images and texts are synchronized with radio broadcasts to bring information as well as interactivity directly to mobile devices. Visual Radio also offers access to factual content, participation in audience polls and the facility to make instant purchases.

Here are just some of the things you can do with Visual Radio on your phone:

  • Richer Radio– With radio built into your mobile device, you can listen to any FM station you like. When you tune in to a Visual Radio enabled station, you will enjoy a completely new kind of radio experience. What you hear will be good old FM Radio, and what you see will be a visual, interactive channel with more information and opportunities to participate and give feedback.
  • Always Know Who’s Playing What: Visual Radio means you get to see and do more when listening to radio on your mobile phone. It shows you what is playing right now, on your phone’s screen, so you never have to have that feeling again when you keep hearing a song you like and you can’t find out who it is. On Visual Radio, you can see information on the song currently playing, biographies or pictures of the artist, or you can e.g. immediately download a ring tone of the song that is playing.
  • Your Call: While listening to a Visual Radio enabled FM channel, you can switch the interactive Visual Radio service on or off whenever you want to. In between, you can enjoy the plain FM radio broadcast just like with any radio station. This also means you use mobile data only when you choose to.
  • Get Inside Information: Know more about new artists, upcoming gigs and records. Enjoy radio news and sports broadcasts now enriched with graphics and interesting background information. See a detailed map during weather forecasts. Find out future tour dates and read some hot gossip.
  • Participate: Interact with your favorite radio station. Express your opinion. Take part in audience polls, votes and competitions more easily than ever before with a single click. Participate in competitions.
  • The application is available in over 10 Nokia handsets, including the popular Nokia Nseries phones. Visit the Visual Radio site to actually try out this application online and get further information on it.