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Vine now has a full-frontal web version replete with a search bar and more

Vine has moved on from its mobile-only approach and has been infusing its web version with newer features from time to time. It has now granted this service its biggest update till date, equipping it with most of the features which its mobile companions possess.

Of course, you still cannot make Vine videos on this web version though. But the redesigned portal does grab some nifty new additions in the form of Channels and Popular Now sections. You will furthermore be able to access the site even without signing in.


Another big introduction is that of the search bar which lets you find everything you’re looking for. You can search by person, tag or even location to find your desired content.

Vine has come a long way following its acquisition by Twitter back in October 2012. This innovative service started letting users upload six-second looping videos, and it was not long before it developed into a massive community with active participants for all around the world.

Vine Web

Vine has apps on iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone platforms, and then there’s also this web version which has gotten all the new features now. You can access the latter through the site.