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Vine for Android update brings front camera support

Vine For Android

Vine for Android has received an update which lends the app the ability to shoot videos using front cameras of devices. With the Video on Instagram feature to compete with, Vine seems to be hard at work in trying not to lose relevance at the moment. Although its version for iOS already has a lot many features, the variant for Google’s OS is being enhanced in a step by step manner by means of regular updates.

A prominent trait that makes its way into the Vine for Android update is the ability for a user to record clips using the front cameras of their devices. While shooting a video, they are also able to utilize views from both the front as well as rear snappers in the same 6-second video.

Despite being an extremely popular app on the iOS App Store, Vine for Android has been facing a lot of flak from users of Google’s OS chiefly due to its slow nature, some initial bugs and other such issues. It currently grabs just a 2.9 rating on the Play store with votes coming in from about 37,000 people.

In hopes to counter some of the known issues, the developers of Vine for Android have proffered this update with other features as well. Apart from granting it overall speed improvements, bug fixes and UI improvements have also made their way into the app.

An enhancement to the camera loading time finds place in it as well, along with support for more devices. Furthermore, a new upload manager meant for unsubmitted posts has been delivered by the developers for this version. And then there are even improvements to settings of the app that have been added.

For Android users, this utility was first made available earlier this month, and it can be downloaded now through the Google Play store. The original iOS version can be snapped up by those who own iDevices.