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5 Video Tones For Android

Best Video Tone Apps Android

We’ve got 5 on our list of video tones for Android because there are more ways than one to get your favorite clip to play as a ringtone whenever someone decides to give you a call. Well, if you were planning to get the job done on your own, it could feel like a pretty big hassle. And that is where today’s compilation could give you a helping hand.

1. Vringo: Video Ringtones –

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Vringo Video Ringtones

To kick start the 5 tones for Android roster, we’ve decided to put Vringo: Video Ringtones up first on our list. Instead of having a song play back each time you receive a call, you could swap your tracks with a video clip through this application. It not only provides a wide catalog of tones, but should also enable you to share videos and access thousands of free offerings directly through your Android-powered device. What’s more, you can assign each contact with a specific video. The Vringo: Video Ringtones app even lets you invite friends and family to join in on the experience through the buddies feature.

2. Video Caller Id –

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Video Caller Id

Looking for convenient ways to get videos onto your smartphone and also set them as ringtones is a really tough job, if you’re doing it manually. Well, applications like Video Caller Id just might ease up the entire process. Hoarding a wide range of options covering over 500 clips and tones for various smartphones, this app allows you to set almost any video as a ringtone. Through the settings tab, you can carry out various sorts of adjustments like enabling or disabling the sound, the position at which the video plays and so on. For a onetime payment of $2.99, the Video Caller Id app will apparently allow you to download 50 different ringtones every month or even assign a clip that is stored on your SD card or built-in memory. And with the full screen feature, videos that are encoded in the right resolution should play well on large displays.

3. Videotones Pro –

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Videotones Pro

Next to reside in the tone for Android compilation is Videotones Pro. Unlike most other applications available on the Android Market, this one is said to be compatible with a variety of video formats such as MP4, FLV, 3gp and others. According to the developer, the tool hoards a catalog of music videos and ringtones that amount to over a billion. And to add in a personal touch, you can custom-create your own tones by editing and combining clips with any song or MP3 file that is hoarded on an SD card. Well, these are not all – a tone can be assigned to each contact and the shuffle feature randomizes the order of clips each time someone calls.

4. Video Ringtones Maker –

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Video Ringtones Maker

Similar to the Videotones Pro application, Video Ringtones Maker is also capable of playing MP4, FLV and 3gp formatted videos whenever a call is received. Through its simple and intuitive interface, searching for clips online is quite convenient. And the huge variety of offerings is most likely to deliver just what you are looking for. Besides being free to download, it also comes with a built-in video editor that permits you to take almost any video from your SD card, edit it and even mix it up with another soundtrack or MP3. Individual video tones are assignable to specific contacts as well. With the Video Ringtones Maker application, you can set tones to play back in full screen resolution, create playlists and also share clips with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Video Full Screen Caller ID –

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Video Full Screen Caller ID

Unlike the tones for Android we’ve jotted down so far, the Video Full Screen Caller ID trial version appears to have quite a plateful of features. Firstly, you can pick a specific video for each contact or even a full screen image. Then there is the video editor tool that allows you to tweak an existing clip, including change its display orientation. Then there’s the ability to set a custom playback volume for all videos. If you’re satisfied with the offerings, the Video Full Screen Caller ID Pro version should have a few more tricks up its sleeve. The trial version is accessible only for up to a maximum of 4 days. Do note that this application is still not compatible with tablets.

By summarizing the features and capabilities of the 5 video tone for Android, we’re sure you can make an apt decision without too much trouble. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you gave your Android-powered device a more personalized visual feel. Also, do let us know which of these aforementioned application worked best for you.

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