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Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 spotted in leaked press image

Nokia Lumia 928

A leaked press shot of the Nokia flagship for Verizon Wireless, the Lumia 928, has been spotted in black, and it brings along a few noticeable changes. Talk of the device had been circulating for a while and speculation was rife about what features the smartphone would have.

In early March, rumors were kick-started when a listing for the handset allegedly showed up. The talk suggested that this, then little-known device could be the final version of the phone codenamed the Laser. It surfaced on the FCC with an RM-860 marking, leading to the connection in people’s minds. Back then, the thinking was that it would look very different when compared to the 920.

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Lumia 920

And just as Samsung was preparing to announce the Galaxy S4, another little bit popped up about the phone in question. At that time, a report suggested that it might be headed to the aforementioned carrier sometime in April. This report had quite a bit of additional information and pointed to the fact that the device could come with an aluminum body for a more premium feel. But this would mean that it would be considerably heavier, although thinner.

The latest image (posted right at the top), seemingly depicting a press shot of the phone, comes from the now infamous Twitter user Evleaks, who is part of a (sort of) new-age Underground Railroad movement. What’s most interesting is the back of the device. It can be seen that the camera is accompanied by a completely different kind of flash. Some speculate that it will be a Xenon flash and not the dual LED pulse variety that comes with the 920.

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YouTube video

Another apparent difference is the addition of something that looks like a microphone on the front, sitting just below the capacitive Windows Start button. The bezel surrounding the camera is also dissimilar to that on the 920, but only slightly, and seems like it might have little significance on functionality. It also appears as though the in-built speaker has been shifted to the back, in this case, situated just below the 4G LTE branding.

Yellow And Red Models

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When exactly the Nokia Lumia 928 will be ready for a release is not known. Likewise, there isn’t any information on what kind of pricing we are to expect.