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Verbatim 500GB 2.5-inch Portable Hard Drives Released in India

Verbatim 500GB Drive Verbatim has announced a new series of 2.5-inch Portable Hard Drives featuring 500GB storage capacity in India. Verbatim claims that it’s the world’s first half-terabyte 2.5-inch Portable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) featuring an industry standard 9.5mm Z-height drive.

Elegant look and compact size are the salient features of the new Verbatim hard drive. The palm sized device allows users to carry all their data in their pocket. The Verbatim 500GB 2.5-inch Portable Hard Disk Drive weighs grams and measures only 86mm X 137mm X 16mm. Furthermore, for optimum performance the drive sports a 5400rpm spindle speed and includes 8MB of cache memory.

“Being able to add half a Terabyte of storage to your PC or Mac with such a small, easy to carry device is a new milestone in the portable storage industry,” said Ramesh Tuli the Country Manager for Verbatim India. “Imagine the convenience of being able to store, transport and backup all of your digital content without having to span disks or carry multiple storage solutions.”

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In addition, users can also store their backup in the drive. The drive offers offer the “Time Machine” back-up feature of the Leopard Mac OS X operating system while for PC users it is equipped with BackItUp 2 Essentials software. Plug-and-play operations and Drag and drop file transfer are other user-friendly features of the Verbatim’s latest drive.

Apart from 500GB, Verbatim 2.5-inch Portable Hard Drive is also available in capacities of 120GB, 160GB, 250GB and 320GB.

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