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Velocity Micro Raptor Z90, Edge Z40, Vector Z20 shift to Ivy Bridge status

Velocity Micro Ivy Bridge Update

The Velocity Micro Raptor Z90, Edge Z40 and Vector Z20 systems recently got updated with the third generation Intel Core processors. The former pair of PCs is aimed towards the gaming segment, while the latter one falls within the home and digital media category.

Each of these rigs is customizable with options of Core i7 and Core i5 CPUs that are based on the Ivy Bridge micro-architecture. While the Edge Z40 and Vector Z20 are compatible with the Core i5-3450 and the i5-3570K processors, the latter one shares support for the i7-3770K variant with the Raptor Z90 system, which also comes in a hyperclocked version at 4.7GHz.

“Intel’s 3rd Generation Core Processors are a perfect fit to Velocity Micro’s enthusiast mentality as we continue to strive to build the best finely crafted desktops, tablets, and peripherals on the market,” commented Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. “The speed and power efficiency of these new processors will be a huge hit with our customers.”

To complement the aforementioned unlocked versions of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors that should be convenient to overclock, potential users can choose between Nvidia and AMD GPUs running in SLI and Crossfire mode, respectively. All 3 rigs are said to feature better visuals for a smooth experience along with improved power efficiency to meet Energy Star requirements.

The Velocity Micro Vector Z20 price amounts to $849. The Edge Z40 can be picked up for $999, while the Raptor Z90 is up for grabs for a price of $2,849. These customizable systems are available for purchase through the company’s website.