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Vehicle Safety Eating Away Your Precious Time? Dash Cam Comes to Your Rescue

dash-camera A location tracker isn’t a new device in the market, it has been here since long; only now has its need multiplied. Location trackers have become popular amongst vehicle owners seeking to secure their vehicles and ensure the safety of their loved ones. Moreover, a  vehicle location tracker with a dashcam can be used as a safety device to eliminate the constant worry of not only your vehicle but your family as well.

Due to an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, road safety has become a matter of grave concern. A dashcam with a location tracker makes an excellent vehicle safety device that keeps you updated regarding any safety concerns on the road throughout the day. It also saves your time worrying about vehicle safety and its passengers, thus, giving you peace of mind.

Reasons Why You Must Install a Dash Cam with Location Tracker in Your Car

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Prevent Car Misuse

When your car is chauffeur-driven, your worries for vehicle safety remain constant. In such instances, a dashcam is helpful to stay updated as it provides recorded information about the activities in your car. A location tracker’s features help in providing live-location information of your vehicle. Thus, preventing car misuse by your chauffeur.

Help in Case of Emergencies

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There is nothing scarier than your loved one’s car breaking down during an odd hour of the day; that too at a deserted location. To worsen the situation, their phones could run out of battery or their mobile could go out of the network area. At a time like this, getting them to safety becomes your utmost priority. With a location tracker installed, you can track them with ease and provide assistance.

GPS tracking

Whether your chauffeur is behind the wheel or a family member, with GPS tracker installed in your car, you can make sure your car and the ones traveling in it take the right routes. It is also beneficial in your absence, to make sure that your chauffeur doesn’t take unauthorized trips. You can ensure the safe beginning and end of the trip from the comfort of your home or office.

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Data storage

A vehicle tracking device has an in-built memory where all the data is stored. If any dispute or emergency occurs, you can later review the data to make informed decisions. The location tracker with the dashcam will let you know the current location and update you on your vehicle.

Dashcam alone has several benefits, but when combined with location tracker, it can deliver a comprehensive vehicle security experience giving you peace of mind. There are many such devices in the market, but KENT CamEye stands out amongst all. It is a vehicle tracking device loaded with features such as AI-face recognition, live-tracking, parameter breach alert, video recording, cloud storage, and more. Its dual-camera setup lets you record the inside and outside of the vehicle, which is an essential factor for safety. The device is available on Amazon and offers delivery at your doorstep.

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Enhance the security of your car and your loved ones with KENT CamEye.