VantageCath Medical Device gets FDA Approval

VantageCath The medical world seems to be getting the best support from the world of technology. The U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved the marketing plans of a new safety engineered short-term peripheral Intra-Venous (IV) Catheter from ‘Advantage Medical Devices’ named VantageCath.

The device presents itself with a unique feature of reducing blood borne pathogen exposure during the placement of the catheter and also provides the clinician with desirable feature sets. The VantageCath cuts out the need of the tedious task of tamponading the cut while connecting the tubing or saline lock thanks to its closed-hub design. Due to this device the user won’t have to get their hands locked while attaching tube using sterile technique.

Gaylene Fisch, President of Advantage Medical Devices said, “We are delighted to receive the FDA clearance for VantageCath and take the next step towards bringing this important product to the healthcare industry.” Adding, “The results of the Simulated Clinical Use study for VantageCath confirmed that healthcare professionals want a product that ensures their safety and combines ease of use with versatility.”

As per estimates from Premier’s Safety Institute brochure, over 800,000 injuries occur annually in the United States from needles. The VantageCath comes with built-in, needle-free access to allow the physician to prevent primary needle stick injury and can immediately be used to deliver push meds, connected via an extension tubing or standard IV or pump tubing.

The VantageCath will be greatly appreciated by physicians throughout the world and it has already been applauded by paramedics, nurses and the medical faculty during the testing phases. And now with the FDA approval stamp on its product, Advantage Medical Devices is all set to market its innovation in the medical world.

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