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Valve Steam remote downloads allow updating game library while on the move

Steam Remote Downloads

Gamers won’t have to get onto their PCs to install newly released titles anymore as Valve’s Steam remote downloads are here to put an end to all those game downloading woes. With the latest launch, users will welcome the option to manage their library remotely over the web.

In order to take advantage of this feature, gamers are required to get the Steam client running on the Mac or desktop computer they plan to use for remote downloading. Besides the web, the service also extends support to the mobile application. It not only offers access to the game library, but also allows managing and downloading pre-loads or the latest purchases and installing new releases the moment they’re up on sale. So these titles should automatically be installed and good to go as soon as the buyer is ready for them.

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“If logged into the latest update of the Steam client on a PC or Mac, there you’ll see which games are currently installed, and have the ability to install others from your library. Or, seamlessly complete your online purchase with remote installation: When a remote session is detected, the Steam store will ask whether you’d like to download your new purchases immediately,” says an announcement on the official Steam website.

The Steam mobile application on both the iOS and Android platforms or the web browser can be employed to start the remote download. Subscribers are required to visit the Steam Community site for the game list and begin downloading. Only the latest version of the Steam client can be used for this new function.

The Steam remote downloads feature has already gone live.

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