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Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Ideas for the 21st Century Adam and Eve

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Valentine’s Day AKA the lovers’ day is celebrated with immense fervor and rejoices around the world. No matter whether couples fight through the 364 days of the year, on this day every one seems to be hit by Cupid’s charm. It is one day that is synonymous to roses, chocolate cakes, candle light dinners and gifts as desserts. Gone are the days when the Eves got merely tempted by the forbidden apple or when all that the Adams wanted was lifelong promises of togetherness and love. Roses do not suffice and diamond rings could cost you your entire month’s salary. Moreover, most gifts are so common and clichéd that perhaps your partner may have a collection of the stereotypical ones’ gifted by their respective ex’s. As always TechShout.com comes to your rescue and presents a slew of Tech gifts for him and her. No Apple (c’mon not the fruit this time!) iPods, no common gaming consoles, no conventional mobile phones, we are about to tell you a range that’s sure to take your girl’s feet be swept off the ground or perhaps make your man melt in your arms.

As they say “ladies first”, here’s presenting a compilation of exclusives that all you men in love can gift to your ladies and make them feel truly special.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Amazon Kindle Book Reader: Most women that I know of love reading and if your lady is included in the lot, then the Amazon Kindle electronic book (e-book) device seems just right for her. It uses an electronic paper display, reads the proprietary Kindle (AZW) format, and downloads content over Amazon Whispernet, which makes use of the Sprint EVDO network. This uber-portable device would allow her to download as many as 200 full books and then read them whenever she wants to. Priced at $399, just hope that she doesn’t get engrossed in reading on the Amazon Kindle Book Reader, instead of reading you!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Kodak EasyShare Digital Picture Frame: If this is your first Valentine’s Day after your wedding, then gift your wife the Kodak EasyShare EX1011 Digital Picture Frame, transfer the pictures and videos and relive the most beautiful day in your life with your lady. The EX1011 is truly different from the rest as it incorporates Wi-Fi capability, allowing one to wirelessly add media from a computer. It also includes on-frame viewing, editing features and the ability to automatically receive pictures from Gallery members right on your frame with the Picture Mail feature. And the romance won’t end there. You can also listen to your favorite MP3 numbers with the built-in speakers and fall in love once again. Having an internal memory of 128MB, which can be enhanced further with an additional memory card, the 10-inch Kodak EasyShare EX1011Digital Picture Frame costs $199.95.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Philips Swarovski Active Crystals: This amazing marriage of tech with breathtaking Swarovski crystals is a sure winner. Though there is a range of bling that Philips had added to its gadgets, the one thing we’d like to add to our collection of exquisite Valentine’s Day gifts are the USB drives called Heart Ware and Heart Beat USM memory keys. What’s most interesting is that these USB devices double as beautiful pendants too. The sparkling crystalline surface is fashioned from polished silver metal and the famous crystals hang down on a silver cord. They have the function of password protection with 1GB storage capacity that can store around 250 MP3 music files and 1,000 JPEG pictures. And if it doesn’t go well as a pendant with her outfit, then she has the choice of attaching them to a ring of key or wallet. Priced at $179 each, these Heart Ware and Heart Beat USM memory keys are sure to steal her heart away.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas miShare: When one is in love, reading each others’ mind and thoughts becomes a part and parcel of the togetherness experience. And what fun if your music choices too sync. But how depressing if you aren’t next to a computer. Now you needn’t worry as with miShare all you need to do is, connect both iPods and press the button to transfer the last song (or video) played. Hold down the button and your entire ‘On-The-Go’ playlist gets copied. Compatible with the Minis, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video (5G), and Classic (6G) iPod models, the miShare does not currently work with the iPhone or iPod Touch. It takes around 10 seconds for single music files to transfer once the iPods are attached, depending on the file sizes and videos up to half minute. It works flawlessly for not only your personal media and DRM-free, but for DRM too. miShare does not unlock DRM as locked DRM files are copied to the disk area of the target iPod, for fresh authorization with a valid password. Quite a pick for only $100. Just a little food for thought, don’t let your girl guess that this gizmo does the work not just for her but for you too. Let her go ahead and do the music transfers first!

And now it’s time for the ladies to have a look at some exciting gifts for their beau this 14th February.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Net Waterproof Juke Tower MP3: “If music be the food of love, play on” – so be it! If your man is a music lover, and wants it wherever he goes, from the kitchen to the car to his cabin at work, then the Net Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 would be just apt for him as it would give him his dose of music in the most unexpected place, even in the bathroom. These completely waterproof speakers will allow him to listen to music whilst having a shower. It also integrates a chic embedded LED clock along with a track display. It can be operated directly and easily via the top menu panel. It has the capability to play up to 12 hours of playback time using only 3 AA batteries. With an extra detachable USB drive, users can even drag-and-drop music from either PC or Mac. The omni-directional speakers deliver great sound quality. So get ready to groove on the tunes of the uber-compact Net Waterproof Juke Tower MP3, which is priced at $129.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Brando MP4 Watch II: If your boyfriend is perpetually late for most of the dinners and dates, and always blames it on his old watch, then here’s something just for him. The Brando MP4 watch is this stylish looking wristwatch that would surely bring that dimple on. And if you think that this piece of accessory simply displays the time and perhaps plays some music once in a while then think again. Apart from these two features, it additionally also has the ability to record conversations and read out e-books for the user. Available in 2GB and 4GB versions of flash memory, the multimedia watch can read JPEG files II. Now this bit of info means that it can actually display some memories in the forms of pictures as well. Compatible with a variety of music formats including MP4, MP3, WMA and AVI formats, it incorporates a 5 band graphic EQ with Super bass playback too. The watch also features an integrated speaker, USB 2.0 socket for file transfer and an FM radio. While the 4GB version comes at $118, the 2GB version is priced at $92. Hope he remembers to actually view the “time” in his Brando MP4 watch II, as the other features are way too attractive to be engrossed in., giving a miss to the real purpose of the gadget.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Black Box DVR:The best things in life are unplanned. Well there’s where the amazing portable Black Box DVR comes handy. Unbelievably small, this is an apt gift to all those who have a fervor to capture life’s best anytime and anywhere in video mode, in a pub, a park or high up in the Himalayas. The biggest reason behind our recommendation for this product is its size. Yes size does matter!
Weighing in at only 45 grams, and measuring 2.6×2.2×0.4 inches, this small wonder can record videos at 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per second. Touted to be the world’s lightest DVR camera, it includes a mini SD slot to fit in memory cards of up to 4GB. Furthermore, you can also insert a time and date stamp to the recorded video. And what’s more exciting than the size is the price – only $499 for the compact Black Box DVR. So now if you want to break into a sudden dance when you’re with him, be careful, he may perhaps be recording every move of yours’.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Brookstone Sommelier’s Wine Chiller: No candlelight dinner can be complete without a toast of wine. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “A man will be eloquent if you give him good wine.” Well gift your man Brookstone Sommelier’s Wine Chiller and let him express his heart out to you this Valentine’s Day. This unique wine chiller cools or warms the wine to the appropriate temperature using advanced Peltier thermoelectric technology. You need to simply select your favorite wine from the huge, backlit LCD screen and the chilling or warming begins. It has an internal database of 26 types of red, white, and champagne wines. As soon as the wine touches the desired serving temperature, the alarm sound sets off. This temperature will be retained till the time the device is turned off. At $100, this product is quite a steal. Of course please don’t forget to pack in some amazing Antique Wine with the Brookstone Sommelier’s Wine Chiller. Cheers!

And let me now raise a toast and wish all our readers lots of wine, food, music and love this Valentine’s Day!