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V-Moda Crossfade M-80 now available in pearl white

V-Moda M-80

V-Moda has announced that the Crossfade M-80 is now available in a new color – pearl white. Previously only available in a black shadow hue, the on-ear headphones are said to bring to the table professional acoustics, ultimate ergonomics, natural noise isolation and military-grade ruggedness while still maintaining a comfortable, travel-friendly compact design. The M-80 comes after the explosive in-ear V-Moda Faders VIP headphones.

With its white and silver metal accents, the M-80 complements more than a few Samsung and Apple mobile devices. Packaged with the headset are two Kevlar-reinforced, detachable cables which feature the company’s SpeakEasy microphones optimized for noisy environments. End connectors are oriented at 45-degree angles for added durability. Below, we’ve posted unboxing video of the high-end headset.

YouTube video

Val Kolton, founder of V-Moda, shares his views saying, “The M-80 has won over the audiophile community with hundreds of accolades, reviews and awards. Now we’re widening the appeal to fashionistas with an ‘ABCP’ philosophy, Anything But Circles and Plastic. Headphones have become an essential accessory like fine watches, shoes, and handbags and we feel you shouldn’t wear carbon-copy cheap plastic around your head. Additionally, we felt it was imperative to focus as much on the microphones as the sound so that you can have a conference call or command your voice apps while walking down the street. Our new SpeakEasy microphones are as superior as the M-80’s sound.”

V-Moda M-80 2

For safe traveling, an exoskeleton carrying case is thrown in which easily clips onto a backpack. To those who want to personalize their headphones, interchangeable shields are available, but have to be purchased separately.

The V-Moda Crossfade M-80 pearl white price is $230. It can be purchased worldwide from the official V-Moda site or via Amazon.com and is also available at certain retailers.