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Looking for an apt Ustream alternative so that you can deliver your video message live to the world? Well, we’ve roped in quite a slew of options here that allow you to do just that and then some. The following services have been employed by several individuals from all across the globe for transmitting their videos to a wide audience. Now besides just shooting across your message to the public at large, you can also turn to these websites to get your daily dose of the events that take place around different parts of the world. So get ready to soak up content that’s spread across different categories.

1 – Justin.tv:

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‘Broadcast what you’re doing,’ is the call to arms here. This engaging title lets you go live as well as explore what’s happening all around the globe. There are more than 4,770 channels to feast your eyes on right here. Launched in 2007, the service caters to individuals situated around over 250 countries. What’s more, you can also conduct real-time chats with people who post their videos online.

For social butterflies on the go, the company has crafted respective Android and iOS applications that are available in Google Play and the Apple App Store, respectively. While the former is a free broadcasting service, the latter will cost you just under $5 to procure. This means you can broadcast live videos over Wi-Fi and 3G as well as share this content with loved ones via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2 – Livestream:

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This entrant in our sites like Ustream roster sums up its capabilities by flaunting the tagline, ‘discover and experience live events.’ Earlier going by the name of Mogulus, the gem provides you with live video and live blogging tools. There are 2 types of pricing plans attached here namely Basic and Premium which are tagged at $42 and $333 each month, respectively. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be entitled to a hosted Live Event Page through which you can broadcast your content to any social destination or portable device. And speaking of portable gadgets, the brains behind this endeavor has also created a special app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free software lets you discover featured channels, watch videos via 3G or Wi-Fi and even find a specific channel or surf through different categories. You can also espy who all are joining in with you and even chitchat with pals via Facebook.

3 – Veetle:

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Here you can either broadcast live or hop on to view popular videos that are being broadcasted live from the four corners of the world. Some of the categories you can opt from here read as gaming, entertainment, shows, animation, education , comedy, mobile, music, sports, religion and news. And as expected, there are respective iOS and Android apps that are up for grabs without a price tag.

With these portable software pieces sitting comfortably in your handset or tablet, you’ll be able to capture and share unexpected moments as they occur. You can also share your video clips on Twitter, Facebook and other such social networking sites. And finally, you’ll be able to watch videos uploaded by others while on the go.

4 – Camcada:

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As the developer reveals, this particular inclusion in our sites similar to Ustream array is created keeping in mind professionals and power users. Here you can broadcast content from your PC webcam, professional snapper or IP/surveillance cameras. You’ll also have the option to affix your video clip to your website or customize your own player page. Another plus point here is that you can make a few extra bucks by charging your viewers before they tune into your show. And once they pay the allotted fee, they can watch the videos on their PC, laptop or portable devices like Android gadgets, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone. Lastly, the site also provides live statistics so that you’re better informed about the number of people that are currently following your broadcast. There are 3 plans you can avail of namely, Free, Pro and Lite which are priced at $0, $14.95 and $3.95 per hour, respectively.

5 – Bambuser:

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The interactive live video broadcasting service that was launched in 2007 enables you to transmit your video message via a webcam or mobile device. This way you’ll be able to share breaking news with a wide audience or even expand your business by making it known to more people. You can also engage in live conversations with your viewers. What’s more, the service allows you to stream directly to your website, blog and preferred social networking sites. And since it proffers useful Android and iOS apps, you can broadcast live video feeds from your handy device to the world over Wi-Fi or 3G. You’ll further be able to view chat messages and geotag your broadcasts by employing GPS. This contender in our sites like Ustream roundup is also integrated with Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. You can acquire both mobile versions free of cost.


Founded in 2007, the service that’s shining in the spotlight here calls the audience to take on the role of a broadcaster so that they can shoot their message to the world at large. You can even sit back and watch content uploaded by others. There’s also a wide range of categories to choose from depending on your mood. Well, if you’re looking for a slight change from this website, you can always give any of the aforesaid Ustream alternative options a try. And when you do, make sure you leave your favorite mentions in the box below.