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Best Software Tools Every Realtor Needs In 2021

realtor software and app Having proper real estate software ensures that realtors can provide the best options to their clients. With the help of these utilities, you can vastly enhance your marketing campaigns, while also simplifying transaction management, and maximizing profit. If you’re a realtor, you’ve come to the right place since we’ve cherry-picked the best tools you would need in today’s day and age.

Maptive Mapping Software

Every realtor needs to make the right investments and for that, they need software to keep track of the properties they are eyeing. Maptive Mapping Software is made for just that. It makes selecting the right location easier. Instead of going through heaps of information in a spreadsheet and trying to plot the data with the limited mapping solutions in a CRM, you can employ the services of this tool and save a lot of time.

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Maptive is adept at instantly transforming your data into a custom Google map. It’s got a simple user interface, which proves that GIS mapping tools don’t have to be complicated. Since all the software’s powerful mapping tools do the analysis for you, there’s no need for you to learn any coding. Moreover, it is a cloud and web-based solution, so there are no hefty downloads to deal with and you can hence even access it on your tablet, or smartphone.

RealScout Lead Nurturing Software

One of the most essential practices for a realtor is nurturing leads. A tool like RealScout can come in real handy then as it automates the lead nurturing process. It basically sifts through your multiple listing service (MLS) for any listings that match the requirements of your clients and automatically sends relevant emails to them. It even features a nifty property comparison window that uses machine learning to display listings side-by-side and room-by-room. RealScout lets you communicate the availability of new listings to your clients faster by creating natural language emails that are branded for you. Lastly, it even customizes alerts for every buyer.

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Reevaluate Lead Generation Software Female Engineer

Every realtor is always looking for simple and effective tools to find new leads. Revaluate helps them out with its AI-based predictive analytics. Using its robust features, this tool can help both agents and brokers find seller leads. It has basically been designed to use consumer, demographic, and social media data to identify homeowners that are likely to move within the next three to six months. This way, you are able to approach them at the right time.

Asteroom 3D Tour Software

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When the pandemic hit the world, it became a necessity for realtors to perform most of their work online. The Asteroom 3D Tour Software came to their rescue immediately, allowing them to view and show properties online. It works in a hybrid manner, which means you first need to stand at the center of a room and take a photograph. You then need to combine it with other existing photos to give potential buyers a chance to familiarize themselves with the property’s design. Asteroom even allows the creation of 2D floor plans for a more detailed view of properties. And then you can also use it for adding staging elements such as virtual furniture, and more. These tours can easily be shared on media.

Showcase IDX Listing Management Software

Showcase IDX is an extremely useful IDX plugin, which helps you add and search through listings on your site. And in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge. The process is as simple as dropping Showcase IDX into your site using their customizable drop-in widgets. It’s an essential tool for any realtor’s website as it can really boost their marketing efforts. In addition to its main feature, it also comes with Google Maps view, polygon map search, adjustable lead capture options, and the ability to save listings.

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Spacio Open House Software

Open house events need to be hassle-free in order to ensure that potential buyers get the best experience possible. Realtors must hence get rid of their pen and paper approach and switch to using Spacio on their tablets. The best part about this app is that it offers digital sign-in sheets that swiftly integrate with all top real estate CRMs as well as with marketing software and listing platforms. This way you need not worry about overhauling your entire system just to take advantage of one software. And it also helps send targeted and detailed open house information to clients and leads.


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With the right real estate tools at your disposal, you can completely streamline your business processes, saving time as well as costs. Moreover, they even lead to a significant increase in inefficiency. We’ve included in this list a set of utilities that cover all the bases for realtors, including property mapping, leads nurturing, lead generation, 3D tours, listing management, and open house management. So go ahead and deploy them in your day-to-day operations to witness a transformation in your business.