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8 Useful Android Smartphone Apps

Useful Android Smartphone Apps

Our choice of useful Android smartphone apps are a definite must-have if you own a handset infused with the Linux-based OS. These software options are looked upon as bare essentials that cater to your every need. With these applications accommodated within your device, you can be sure you’ll never be left high and dry. From an internet client to an app that that helps you recognize any tune, we’ve covered them all.

1 – Evernote:


As the maker of Evernote reveals, this Android app transforms your gadget ‘into an extension of your brain.’ With this delight sitting in your portable tech piece, you’ll be able to create to-do lists, capture photos, record voice reminders and even jot down ideas as and when they pop into your head. No more frantically trying to find paper and pen when you need to take down notes. Furthermore, you can also sync these memos or messages with any other device or computer. Keep all of them neatly organized in your phone with tags and notebooks.

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Whether you’re a student, business professional or someone who travels extensively, Evernote comes in handy for drafting agendas, snapping pictures of whiteboards and even saving recipes. Social butterflies can also share files or images with loved ones through Twitter and Facebook.

2 – TripIt Travel Organizer:

TripIt Travel Organizer

Planning a family vacation to the Bahamas and want everything to go as planned? Well, the things you need for executing the same, minus any tension can be found with the TripIt Travel Organizer app. All your travel-related information can now be acquired and viewed in one single place. This means that your restaurant reservations, hotel bookings and flight data are placed directly at your fingertips without even having you break a sweat.

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Frequent fliers and professionals on the go will surely benefit from the various features it has to offer. This entrant in our list also allows you to keep your friends and family informed about your foreign escapades.

3 – Dropbox:


Dropbox is noted to be a free service that enables you to access all your documents anytime, anywhere. Simply install the software on your PC and save all the required documents, videos and photos to Dropbox. Thereon, you can easily view the same from any Android device that’s endowed with this app. And if you wish to modify them, you can do so directly through your handset itself.

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So, if you’re visiting relatives across the sea and want to show them pictures of your family, you needn’t cart along the whole album. Just pull out your Android-powered device and flip through the images via Dropbox.

4 – Smart Battery Monitor:

Smart Battery Monitor

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you’re left stranded without a charger just because you thought your device was sufficiently juiced up for the trip? Well, by utilizing the Smart Battery Monitor app, you’ll never again have to face such an ordeal. This software option basically displays vital battery details that may just help you avert an unpleasant scenario. The battery status icon can be seen slapped across the status bar in a percentage form for acquiring the exact level indication. Even the battery temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. In order to prevent being caught unawares, you have a choice of setting certain signals for signifying that the battery is almost empty.

5 – Google Maps:

Google Maps

After mentioning the likes of TripIt, we’ve also included another travel-friendly option in our array. Say goodbye to all those paper city guides and troublesome maps, as all you’ll need now is Google Maps for safely getting to your desired destination. Some of the interesting attributes featured here include voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, detailed maps with 3D buildings, Google Maps Street View and live traffic information.

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What’s more, the Mountain View based company also offers indoor maps of select hotels, airports and retail stores. Whether you’re walking, driving or even ‘biking’ it out to your destination, the best directions for any mode are laid out directly on your phone.

6 – Astro File Manager:

Astro File Manager

As the name suggests, the Astro File Manager app helps you easily organize and browse through all your documents, music, video and photo files. Some of its features read as Android file browser, image and text viewers, task manager, networking, search files, application manager.

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Astro File Manager further aids in performing file and application backup just in case your Android-powered device decides to go missing or you happen to change your handset. You can also sprinkle your personal touch by endowing it with multicolored icon sets.

7 – SoundHound:


Want to put a name to the tune that’s playing at your friend’s pool party? Well, this entrant in our roster will certainly provide a practical solution to your dilemma. Simply place your phone near a speaker and let SoundHound take care of the rest.

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This app also recognizes the song that’s stuck in your head by listening to you hum or sing out the melody. And besides just coming up with the name of the track, it even provides lyrics for the same. Find out what your favorite band or artist is up to via real time Twitter and Facebook updates.

8 – Dolphin Browser HD:

Dolphin Browser HD

Looking for a smart way to surf the internet though your Android-powered phone? Well, it seems like Dolphin Browser HD is the way to go, especially when it boasts of interesting attributes such as sonar, gesture and add-ons. Why type out your queries when you can simply let your voice do all the work for you?

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Scouring the web, updating social networking sites, navigating and bookmarking are a few activities that can be carried out by your voice. Additionally, you can also draw a personal Gesture for frequently visited websites.


Whether you want to browse the web, manage your files, groove to some funky beats or just go for a holiday, you can rely on our list to aid you in all your endeavors. So which ones of the aforementioned useful Android smartphone apps are missing from your handset?