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Use Your iPad As A Second Screen In Your Daily Work

macbook For many people in the world, the iPad is the screen they view the most (besides an mobile phone), it is the most widely used monitor for mail, social media, apps and much more. However, ordinary computers also have a role to play. Let your iPad work with your Mac or PC to literally broaden your view of the computer world.

Wireless or with cable

Wires are increasingly a thing of the past. Partly thanks to the iPad, which actually carries everything and can, therefore, go through life wirelessly. No network cable, no keyboard wire, no mouse cord. Except for charging, which still requires a wire. Most apps to turn your iPad into a second screen can, therefore, function wirelessly.

We have to make a few comments on this. From our experience, it appears that the flexibility of the second screen is largely dependent on the WiFi network in question. For normal web surfing or some video watching, wifi may perform a little less than the theoretical maximum. Just like a car does not always run at top speed. For your iPad as an external monitor, a fast WiFi connection without too much interference is nice. Otherwise, you will get annoying glitches from your mouse arrow on that second screen.


If you want to use the iPad as a second screen for your laptop or PC, you need two applications, an app on the iPad and a program on your Mac or Windows PC.

Apple serves a large part of the tablet world with the iPad, while Windows predominates in computer country. We’ll first cover an app that is multi-platform. This means that it runs on your iPad, of course, but that you can connect your iPad with it on both Windows and OS X.

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