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USB Type-C is the future and Google is bringing it to Android

If you’ve seen the new MacBook from Apple and Google’s updated Chromebook Pixel, you’ve probably heard of USB Type-C. This new connectivity standard is soon going to find a place on almost every PC that hits the market in the near future and there a very good chance that we might also see it arrive on Android devices.

Google hasn’t officially announced its plans to bring the standard to its mobile OS. But in a video posted along with the announcement of the new Chromebook Pixel, Adam Rodriguez who’s the company’s Product Manager, revealed that the search giant is ‘very committed’ to the new specification. He also went on to say that it’ll be coming to Chrome and Android in the future.

USB Type-C

So what is USB Type-C anyway? Well, it’s basically a new type of plug which resolves a lot of issues we face with the current ones in terms of design and capabilities. Not only is the port’s design super compact, it’s also reversible much like Apple’s Lightning port which means that you can plug in a cable without the hassle of checking to see if it’s being inserted in the right way.

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Then there are the speed improvements as it supports USB 3.0 standard and will soon also be compatible with USB 3.1. The Type-C connector can be used for multiple other purposes other than data transfer. Firstly, it can power up devices and also transmit visuals to an external monitor. This eliminates the need for multiple ports which is great especially since laptops and tablets are getting slimmer and have a lack of connectivity features already.

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USB Type-C is definitely going to have a huge presence in the near future, but it’ll take quite some time for it to get widely deployed especially in smartphones and tablets running Android.