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7 Pretty USB Flash Drives

Pretty USB Flash Drives

We’ve been combing the web for some pretty USB flash drives, call them cool if you please, and here’s a list of 7 that should fit the bill quite comfortably. Whether you’re looking them up for gifting options or just as collectibles, we’re sure you’ll find at least a couple of these candidates appealing.

1 – Silicon Power Touch T01:

Silicon Power Touch T01

Silicon Power gets out some pretty interesting storage options now and again and we think the Touch T01 deserves to feature on our list of USB flash drives. Encased in a tiny body that’s 30 percent smaller than most conventional ones, only 1.3cm of the drive sticks out when it is connected to a system’s port. The brushed metal finish makes it resistant to fingerprints and the cap-less design negates the possibility of losing the lid. Available in varying capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, it is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 interfaces for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

2 – Kingston Fortune Dragon drive:

Kingston Fortune Dragon Drive

This cute little pen drive from Kingston called the Fortune Dragon drive, has been especially designed to mark the onset of the Year of the Dragon. This is certainly not the first time that the company has gone down this path as it released the Lucky Bunny drive for the year 2011. With dimensions of 49.4 x 30 x 32.7 millimeters, the fiery red boasts of its compatibility with Mac, Linux as well as Windows 7, Vista and XP platforms. Expected to start shipping in early 2012, the device is cut out to look like what else, but a dragon. Not the large, scary type though. And not even like the cool, animated miniature pieces shown in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But it makes for a nice conversation piece, anyway.

3 – LaCie Christofle Galet:

LaCie Christofle Galet

Much to our delight, LaCie and Christofle were spotted joining hands to come up with the Galet flash drive, a pretty piece of technology. The 4GB storage solution is shaped like a pebble which sports a silver-plated covering and is said to be a combination of form and feature. Integrated with the USB 2.0 interface, it works with both USB 3.0 and USB 1.1 interfaces and offers a maximum speed of about 480Mb per second. Weighing around 38 grams, the device is packaged along with a keychain strap that allows easy portability. And what’s more, users get additional 4GB Wuala online storage free of charge with it. The Galet happens to carry a price tag of $130.

4 – Gresso African Redwood and Crystals:

Gresso African Redwood And Crystals

Famous for its elegant devices and dressed up variants of smartphones, Gresso delivered us an offering which couldn’t possibly be left out of a list of USB flash drives. The African Redwood and Crystals variant from the manufacturer appears to be nothing short of a luxury device. Carved out of premium African redwood, the flash drive’s exterior is embedded with Swarovski crystals. And a stainless steel rim is part of the whole scheme of things. The 8GB device can also be customized with personal engravings or logos. The price tag attached to this Gresso storage drive reads $130.

5 – USB Jewel Bracelet Thumb Drive:

USB Jewel Bracelet Thumb Drive

This chic flash drive which doubles up as a bracelet, and a pretty one at that, is available for purchase through the Brando website. You can either have the silver variant or the golden one, depending upon your preference. Sporting a 212mm wrist belt, it is decorated with crystals that make it look like a piece of jewelry. The extremely portable plug and play device tips the scale at merely 34 grams. It’s built to be compatible with the USB 2.0 interface and can be used in conjunction with operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac. Both the silver and golden colored versions of the 8GB storage device are priced at $30.

6 – S52 Heart Shaped USB Flash Drive:

Heart Shaped USB Flash Drive

With the S52 Heart Shaped USB flash drive, you can keep your personal data close to your heart, quite literally. This drive may be worn like a pendant around the neck or attached to a key ring so that you never misplace it and end up losing the saved content. The red colored device is made of plastic and is compliant with Mac as well as Windows operating systems. The USB 2.0 drive arrives in variants of 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB and is embedded with LED indicators to alert users. It can also be customized as it supports silk screening for logo printing.

7 – Paduak Mechanical Memory Pendant:

Paduak Mechanical Memory Pendant

And we end our roster of USB flash drives with the Paduak Mechanical Memory Pendant that acts like a necklace besides holding all your digital data. Enclosed in a hand-carved paduak chassis, the media drive sports a walnut veneer on the flip side. It is outfitted with a blue LED indicator which is outlined by a metal ring. Moreover, the 8GB flash drive is accompanied with an aluminum tube that is threaded with a rubber thong along with a magnetic clip to facilitate wearing it around the neck. And the limited edition pendant is packaged in an equally elegant hand-made box. Its price tag reads $180 and it is available for purchase through etsy.com.

Here’s where we bring our musings about pretty USB flash drives to a stop. Do tell us about the ones that caught your fancy and any we missed out on.