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USB 3.0 to be showcased by Symwave at CES 2009

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Symwave, the manufacturer of semi-conductors has announced that it will be demonstrating the USB 3.0 technology at CES 2009.

USB 3.0 will be the fastest USB technology, supposedly 10 times faster than that present now. It is also said to be backward compatible to 10 billion USB devices that have been shipped till date.

Symwave will be teaming up with test, cable, components and hard drive manufacturers to showcase the transfer speeds of the latest USB technology.

Last time the USB 3.0 technology was discussed in the news when the completion of its specification was announced by the USB 3.0 Promoters Group.

The group had also announced that it had started accepting adopters to USB 3.0 specification. The group consists of technology big-wigs like Microsoft, HP, Intel Corporation, NEC Corporation, ST-NXP Wireless and others.

It was also reported that the devices incorporating in them the USB 3.0 technology will be commercially available by 2009.