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US officially recalls Samsung Galaxy Note 7, replacements due Sep 21

Burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately thanks to the massive exchange program it’s undertaken for the Galaxy Note 7 in countries across the world. One major criticism lobbied against it is the fact that it voluntarily issued a recall instead of going through formal regulatory procedure to make the process official.

This isn’t the case anymore since the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has finally stepped up and announced an official recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The declaration effectively makes it illegal to sell or resell faulty units of the phone in the nation.

The CPSC is echoing Samsung’s own plea now, asking owners to immediately stop using and power down units purchased before September 15. It also went on to disclose precisely how many were sold prior to that date. Of the 2.5 million sold all over the world, 1 million were vended in the US alone.

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Out of that 1 million, Samsung has apparently received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the US. Breaking the latter figure down further, 26 were related to burns and 55 were pertaining to property damage including fires in cars and a garage.

Shortly after the CPSC’s announcement, Samsung put up a statement detailing its US Note 7 Exchange Program. In it, the company revealed that replacement units of the smartphone would be available starting from September 21.

You’ll be able to check if your Galaxy Note 7 is eligible for the recall by entering the handset’s IMEI number on Samsung’s website. Once determined, you can get a refund or choose to exchange the phone for the same one or the Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge.