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US iPhones have slower chargers than Indian ones

Another controversy looks set to hit Apple, even as it has come to light that Indian units of its iPhone 6S handsets are being shipped with 10W chargers , rather than the 5W ones which are being provided with the US units. The exact reason for this is completely unknown at the moment.

Since long, Apple has been selling its iPhone models bundled with small 5W chargers, while the iPads are being being offered with bigger 12W adapters. It has been proven in the past that these iPad chargers, when used with iPhones, result in much faster juicing up for the smartphones than usual.

It’s hence good news for those who have 10W chargers present inside the packaging of their new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices. But the fact that only some territories have been chosen by Apple to get these adapters is the cause of controversy here.

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As has been observed by TechSplurge, several review and unboxing videos coming in from the US are showing that the iPhone 6S units from the country come with small 5W chargers. As for the unboxing videos that have just started cropping up in India, they are clearly showing the devices packed alongside 10W adapters. The image above comes from Twitter user @rakeshkhabiya who has received the bigger unit along with his new device.

We’re not sure about other countries though, but more information is indeed expected to be revealed on this matter in the coming days. As for now, Apple hasn’t yet sent out an official statement on this inconsistency of its charger distribution.

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But even if it does, the fact that Indian iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models will be charging faster than the US models won’t change.