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US Army Finds Mac More Secure?

US Army and Apple Logos Currently rumors are spreading on the internet stating that the US Army is seeking Apple’s Mac in order to keep information safe.

General Boutelle told that the competition amongst Army contractors be sharpened to reinforce IT defenses.

It is said that Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Wallington, a division chief in the Army’s office of enterprise information systems, is convinced that the Macintosh platform is safer. Hackers target Mac OS lesser as compared to Windows.

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Currently out of 700,000 servers and desktops in military more than 20,000 are Macs.

Jonathan Broskey, a former Apple employee who is now head of the Army’s Apple program said to, “If you look at the numbers, you see that malicious software for Macs is very limited. We used to sell Apples by saying they don’t get viruses.”

However the Army has not officially revealed anything about its adoption of the Mac OS.

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