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Urbanears Zinken DJ-style headphones now available

Urbanears Zinken 01

The Urbanears Zinken DJ-style headset, the ‘most ambitious’ accessory designed by the company, is complete with certain advanced attributes such as the TurnCable and the ZoundPlug. Meant for professional DJs, the affordable peripheral apparently builds up on the concept of classifying the headset as a musical instrument.

The accompanying rugged TurnCable made of Kevlar comes with a coiled section so users have the freedom to move around while listening to music through the pair of headphones. This cable has been embedded with a 6.3mm plug to attach a mixer and a 3.5mm standard audio jack for connecting a mobile phone or an MP3 player. The ZoundPlug acts as a socket for other audio accessories and allows another person to plug and listen to the music being transmitted. It was first introduced with the Plattan headphones from the company.

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Outfitted with a padded headband as well as comfortable ear cushions, the audio peripheral is crafted to be used through long music-listening sessions. The competent noise isolation can be attributed to the high foam density of these cushions. Also, users’ playing style can be adjusted with the assistance of the swiveling ear cups.

Urbanears Zinken 02

And if that’s not enough, the material used in the Urbanears headset steers clear from absorbing sweat to do away with odors, when worn for an extended period of time. Besides day-to-day use, the peripheral claims to be apt for DJ environments. It should produce accurate sound and listeners can also adjust the frequency for an enhanced acoustic experience. A fine tuned 40mm dual diaphragm driver is responsible for producing decent quality audio.

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The Urbanears Zinken price is tagged at $140 and it is now available through the official company website and authorized retail stores.