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Urbanears Plattan Denim edition headphones let out

Urbanears Plattan Headphones

For all those who need a pair of earphones to go with those jeans, the Urbanears Plattan Denim edition headphones were announced by the company just recently. Jeans have been around forever. So why the sudden inspiration from denim? Don’t ask us, the folks over at Urbanears do have their quirks.

Colored soberly in a classic blue hue, this audio accessory from Urbanears shows off a rather raw denim finish which will apparently ‘gently age over time.’ Just like that tattered, comfortable pair of jeans which is difficult to give up on until it starts getting ripped around the back pockets, we’re guessing. At any rate, the headset manufacturer seems happy to be offering the new Plattan edition to go with that staple pair of jeans in the wardrobe.

Urbanears Plattan Denim Edition Headphones

Complimenting the denim on the headband and earcups, the ear cushions and fabric cord are complete with brass accents and an indigo shade. The entire construct is built to be collapsible so that tucking it away in a handbag or backpack won’t be too much trouble. Additionally, one of the earcups embeds a Zound Plug, meaning users can have a friend plugging into the headphones and sharing their music.

Urbanears Plattan Denim

The Urbanears Plattan Denim edition headphones price is approximately $80 or €80 or £80, the tag being contingent on the region of purchase. The peripheral is already available through Apple Stores and Apple.com in the US as part of a pre-launch scheme. It is set to see a global release through Urbanears retailers and the company’s online portal on May 23.