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Upgraded Sennheiser MX Series Earphones now available

Sennheiser MX Series of Earphones now Revamped Sennheiser has announced that its popular MX series of earbud-style headphones are now available in new colors and have been upgraded with a host of new offerings too.

All of the earphones in Sennheiser’s MX series have been enhanced with powerful bass-accented stereo sound, now offering better sound quality for portable music and multimedia devices.

The new design of the MX series of earphones ensures that the earbuds fit securely in the user’s ear. Besides, they also offer a number of options to suit the user’s prefered applications.

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The upgraded MX series of ear phones include the MX 760 which are perfect for those who rely on their mobile phones for music, communication and life in general! These earphone sport a very short cable and can be connected directly into a speaker socket on any compatible cell phone. Moreover, the bundled extension cable allows them to be used with other devices like MP3 players and portable gaming systems.

Then, there are the Sennheiser MX 660 earphones which will be apt for those who carry their MP3 players in their pockets. This is because the earphone’s volume control is integrated into the cable offering a good sense of comfortable control and convenience.

Next up in the enhanced line-up of the MX series is the MX 560, which are available in a host of nice colors and have a glossy sheen. These earphones come with a cable winder which helps to keep the extra cable length at bay and the earphones when not in use.

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Lastly, the updated MX series includes the entry-level MX 460 earphones which offer a great comfort due to its asymmetrical cable design. Basically, the users will have to wear the shorter end behind his/her head, with the longer side closer to the device, keeping the cord out of the way.

Sennheiser’s revamped portfolio of earphones also come in classic neutral hues as well as in bold colors. Those who like minimalist designs will like the lacquered black, white or silver finishes. While those who like bright colors will appreciate the MX 560 earphones in colors like autumn-apple red or fresh aqua, or the titanium MX 760.

Listed below is the color chart and availability of the Sennheiser earphones:

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  • MX 760: Available in polished black, polished white and titatnium for $39.95
  • MX 660: Available in polished black and polished silver for $34.95
  • MX 560: Available in polished black, polished white, polished silver, autumn-apple red, and fresh aqua for $29.95

  • MX 460: Available in polished black and polished white for $24.95
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