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Updated Google Search app for Windows Phone 7.5 now available

Google Search App For Windows

Microsoft’s Bing now has some serious competition in the form of the redesigned Google Search app for Windows Phone 7.5 in the former’s own territory, that is, the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s difficult to guess how many handset users will prefer the Bing search over Google, now that the tech giant has released the updated application for the Mango OS.

The software in question is already available for download at the marketplace. Google has worked towards improving its latest offering by incorporating certain features which should ensure faster results when launching a search. First up is the Google autocomplete attribute which boasts of coming up with predictions that match the required search, more often than not. This helps users obtain results faster while cutting down on hassles.

Moreover, the company has included the voice search function in its array of improvements for this revamped application. The voice feature lets handset owners completely do away with the typing bit, without it affecting their usage. All they need to do is touch the microphone icon and speak out the query to start searching.

And finally, the last enhancement is the My Location feature, which comes in handy when customers are looking for nearby places. It utilizes the device’s location to come up with results regarding the nearest places in any category requested by users. However, this attribute works only when the required permissions are granted.

The Google Search app can be downloaded from anywhere across the world, through the Windows Phone Marketplace via a Windows Phone 7.5 based smartphone. It supports multiple languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian and English.