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Updated Google Chrome for iOS compresses data, does translations and more

Google has just updated Chrome for iOS with three major features apart from throwing in the usual bug fixes and other enhancements. You can call it Chrome 32 for iPhone and iPad or Chrome 32.0.1700.20, if you want to be specific.

Data compression

Opera is probably the name most people associate with reduced monthly data bills thanks to its compression technology. Chrome 32 is bringing onboard similar capabilities, with Google saying that up to 50% reduced data consumption could show in your browsing charges.

Chrome For iPhone

The company announced the feature as ‘incoming’ more than a fortnight ago. It’s not on by default and you will have to visit Reduce Data Usage which falls under Bandwidth that can in turn be found under Settings, on an iOS device.

Web pages you open will first be compressed through Google servers before they are downloaded onto your device. Chrome will however stay away from doing the same when you pick the private browsing option or visit an HTTPS site.

Chrome iOS Update


The automatic Translate option you take for granted when using Chrome for desktop or Android has now arrived for iOS. When you visit a website in a language other than the one you’ve enabled, the one tap translation bar pops up smoothly.

The New Tab Page addition for facilitating faster and easier search is only ready for iPhone presently. Chrome for iOS is a 25.5MB download which can be found in iTunes by hitting this link. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices and comes for free.