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Update iTunes on a PC in 5 easy steps

Update iTunes On PC

‘As you’re aware, Sir Elliot, our software division has introduced a new computer operating system, Gates ’99. It’s deliberately filled with bugs – so people will be forced to buy our upgrades over the next five years.’ Who else remembers those Tomorrow Never Dies lines which ensured that James Bond fans will always be suspicious about having to hand out money for software updates? It’s a good thing most tech companies offer upgrades for free. For those of you who own an Apple iDevice or simply use the software on your PC, you can update iTunes on a PC in 5 easy steps.

So don’t stay away from those fixes because your iPod’s working just fine without them. At the same time, note that brand Apple may seem to have tied iTunes firmly enough to make people forget that they don’t need an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV to use the software. It’s a free application for Mac or Windows PCs that allows users to organize and play music and videos stored in the library. The connection it feels for the App Store means you can purchase content from the online store too. And it’s the only way to add media to any of the aforementioned Apple devices.

You can also pile eBooks or audio books in the library, but we’d rather not talk about that and you can check out this function for yourself to see what we mean. Right click on an eBook you’ve added, hit the ‘Info’ tab under ‘Get info’ and tell us if Apple really cares about your reading habits or not. First off, in order to download an iTunes update, you should have the software already installed on your PC. Only be sure to get iTunes from the official company website and not any other random site.

Here’s how to check for and update the iTunes software for Windows PCs:

Update iTunes PC

1. Make sure you’re connected to the internet. This instruction is for the sort of folks who’ve caught themselves wondering why the TV or PC or any similar gadget won’t work instead of checking to see if the wall outlet’s been switched on first.

2. Launch iTunes and open the Help option sitting on the top left corner of the window.

3. Hit the Check for Update option that appears on the drop down menu hanging from the Help tab.

4. If you’ve got the latest version of iTunes, a pop up will inform you about it being the current version. Otherwise, you will get the update now suggestion that you should agree to.

5. Reboot your PC once the upgrade is complete. We know, it’s annoying, but one of the steps which shouldn’t be skipped if you want to be certain that the set up has gone smoothly.

Update iTunes Windows

But that’s not the only way you can update iTunes on a PC. Each time you open the application and there’s a fix available, a pop up window encourages you to download the latest one.

1. Or else, you can also do it by invoking the Start menu on your PC.

2. Look for the Apple Software Update tab and click on it. Doing this will throw open a window listing Updates such as those for iTunes and QuickTime as well as New Software like Safari or MobileMe Control Panel. Check the boxes for the updates you want. In this case, iTunes.

3. Next, hit the Install button.

4. Read the agreement carefully before ‘Accept’ing the T&C or risk being forced into the Human CentiPad program.

5. Wait until the installation process is done with and click on ‘Yes’ when you’re asked if you want to restart the PC.

Now tell us if upgrading Apple software isn’t the simplest thing to do when you can update iTunes on a PC in 5 easy steps.