Upcoming Xiaomi Phones

1Upcoming Xiaomi Phones in 2016

Here we are with a list of upcoming Xiaomi phones that are expected to make their way into India in the near future. These Xiaomi mobile phones are generating a lot of buzz even before their release, thanks mainly to the fact that the Chinese company enjoys a huge fan following in India.

Actually, Xiaomi doesn’t waste any time in establishing popularity in any nation it sets shop in. The credit for this can mainly be attributed to its pricing strategy in India. Despite having features not befitting a low retail value, Xiaomi phones are sold at surprisingly low costs, much to the delight of fans.

Add to that the fact that Xiaomi does not invest a single dime in television commercials or print media space, relying entirely upon social media strategies for promotion. This helps a great deal in getting into the profit territory earlier than other companies.

There are several upcoming Xiaomi smartphones that have lined up for a release in the coming months. Let us take a good look at all the things which we know about these upcoming devices.