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7 Upcoming iPad Games

We’ve prepared a list of upcoming iPad games that are expected to hit the App Store in the near future. The tablet’s large 9.7-inch display makes playing games a fun experience and thanks to the high-resolution Retina panel on the third and fourth generation versions, graphically intense titles never looked better. In our list below, you’ll find some of the most anticipated upcoming additions which are designed not only for the iOS platform, but for other systems as well.

We’ve got titles from different genres which include FPS, side-scrolling and even graphically rich as well as classic-themed RPGs amongst others. Most of them are still in the early stage, so the information mentioned is likely to change as they reach the final phase of development. Enough said – It’s time you took a look for yourself.

1. Dead Trigger 2:

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger is amongst our favorite zombie killing games on mobile and its successor is almost upon us. Madfinger Games will unleash the sequel on October 23. The latest addition will have enhanced graphics to make the most out of new hardware and the gameplay has been augmented as well. The developer notes that the behavior of the player will affect the storyline which is claimed to be never-ending by the way.

You’ll once again be put against waves of the undead in a struggle to take over the planet, in various locations such as Shanghai, London and Africa amongst others. The company will adopt the same free-to-play model for the game and it plans to make it available on iOS, Android, Steam, Mac and Facebook.

2. Death Road to Canada:

Death Road to Canada

If you like slaughtering zombie, but you aren’t quite fond of intense graphics or you’re just looking for something laidback, then Death Road to Canada is worth taking a look at. The title features old skool 32-bit graphics like what you’d find on the Nintendo GBA Advance and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll explore cities for resources and survivors.

The game allows you to create a group of 5 characters (or dogs) to take on waves of zombies which sometime arrive in ridiculous amounts. The developer states that there’s high replay value as everything from survivors to events to cities is randomized. There will also be some rare events and Easter Eggs onboard. Death Road to Canada has reached its goal on Kickstarter, albeit there’s no concrete release date or price for the iOS platform.

3. Pocket Titans:

Pocket Titans

Pocket Titans is a turn-based RPG adventure title. It’s basically a blend of tactical decision making and puzzle gameplay styles, and has been in development for over a year now. John Payne and Ian Pestridge have been creating the title in their spare time. The game is set in a fantasy world filled with mages, rogues and orcs.

You’ll have 8 character classes such as healer, hunter, warlock, rogue, ranger, warrior and mage, to choose from and go up against 30 types of enemies. There are boss battles and 2-player fights as well. The game will retail for $0.99 when launched this month.

4. Neon Shadow:

Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow features the classic ‘run-and-gun’ style gameplay which is seen in Doom and Duke Nukem 3D amongst others. Well, it’s a lot like Quake 3 also, but instead you’ll be taking on hordes of robots. The game only delivers 4 weapons which include a shotgun and an energy cannon, and each of them have a different strength and weakness.

The most interesting bit here is that you’ll be able to play with a friend in split-screen co-op mode on the iPad and Ouya console. Mid-September was the intended launch.

5. Toy Rush:

Toy Rush

Don’t like zombies and sci-fi robots? Then Toy Rush could be a more suitable title worth looking forward to. The game is basically tower defense, but with card collecting elements and multiplayer being the main focus. The goal here is to build a base and protect it from enemies.

You’ll also be able to attack others by creating an army of beasts, robots, and plush toys or by using attack cards. There are various social elements onboard as well, including the ability to create clubs, chat with others and trade cards.

6. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus:

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Coming from the makers of Real Boxing, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a third-person action adventure title which takes you back to the ancient times featuring a storyline inspired by the Greek mythology. The game is designed with Unreal 3 Engine and it features rich graphics like in the Infinity Blade series. This one however, will have on-screen controls.

Here, you’ll take on the role of Prometheus who’s on a journey to recover the Godfire Spark and return it to the mortal world. The title has a weapon-based combat system and it puts you up against beasts, giant titans and more. The game will fall in the premium category and it will launch for iOS and Android early 2014.

7. Rayman Fiesta Run:

Rayman Fiesta Run

After the wide success of Jungle Run, Rayman is back for an all-new adventure in Fiesta Run. Rayman has various new powers and bonuses at his disposal as he jumps from cocktail umbrellas and limes as well as punches piñatas in 75 levels that span across 4 worlds.

There are fresh Invasion levels and social features which let you share achievements with others. Where a release date is concerned, we so far know that Rayman Fiesta Run is scheduled to launch sometime this fall.


So what do you think of our upcoming iPad games roster? Let us know which game you anticipate playing on your Apple tablet by dropping in a comment below. Also, do remember, most of the aforementioned titles are still in alpha and beta stages, so you can expect changes to be present in the final versions.