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Awesome Upcoming DSLR Cameras 2016

Upcoming DSLR cameras of 2016

Upcoming DSLR Cameras
There are several upcoming DSLR cameras which photography buffs are looking forward to in 2016, and here we are with some of our favorites among them. This list has been infused with the most anticipated shooters than are more than expected to be unveiled later this year.

The way DSLRs are being used has changed greatly during the last few years. What used to be a domain strictly of photographers has now been invaded by cinematographers who have found in such cameras a low-cost alternative to proper film-focused machines. As a result, while photographers remain the main priority of the manufacturers, they certainly can’t ignore the videographers they have to keep happy.

Almost all of the DSLR cameras we’ve gathered in this list are successors to some of the most successful shooters available out there right now. They hence have a huge responsibility to shoulder once they’re out, and their makers will definitely be aware of that.

It’s hence that they are expected to come with some really advanced features. Without wasting any more time on introductions now, let us jump straight into the list of DSLRs that will be releasing soon to know more about these upcoming DSLRs.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
The EOS 5D’s Mark II variant was launched in 2008, while the release of its Mark III avatar came four years later, in 2012. Four years after that, we have arrived in 2016 when we’re expecting the arrival of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, or whatever the Japanese company will prefer to name it.

There’s a rumor doing the rounds which says that this camera will be released in the form of two models, with one aimed at photos and the other at videos. Both are supposed to arrive this March. Much to the disappointment of fans, the EOS 5D Mark IV has apparently decided to give 4K video a miss.

The video resolution will remain tied to 1080p since Canon doesn’t want the camera stealing the thunder of its cinema-focused EOS C100. It will apparently adopt a 24MP sensor and a next-gen quad core processor.

Sony Alpha 99 II

Sony Alpha 99
Sony’s full-frame DSLR, the Alpha A99 has managed to earn quite a name for itself ever since it first came into the limelight in 2012. Few would argue that it’s up for a refresh now, and its successor is indeed on the cards for a release in 2016.

The original Alpha A99 came with a 24.3MP 35mm sensor and an ISO range of 100 to 3200. Moreover its selectable sensitivity can reach up to ISO 25600, resulting in awesome low-light performance.

The new Sony Alpha A99 II will be looking to expand on that by offering an even better full-frame sensor. Another huge feature will be the introduction of 4K video support which is a great upgrade over the 1080p limit of the predecessor. New lens kits consisting of a 24-105mm f/4.0 unit and a Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 SSM unit will also be making their debut along with this shooter.

Nikon D810S

Nikon D810
The D810 which is currently being sold as a high-grade full-frame DSLR by the Tokyo-based company was launched not too long ago (June 2014 to be exact); so it’s safe to say that it’s not in the need of a major update. However, Nikon does have the habit of issuing incremental updates to its products, which is what has offered much credibility to the rumors regarding a D810S.

An interesting point to note is that the D810 features the same 36MP sensor as the one in Sony’s Alpha 7R. Since that shooter has now been upgraded to a 42MP sensor with the Alpha 7R II, many believe Nikon too will be doing the same with the D810S. If that indeed comes to pass, we’re sure to see 4K video support makings its way onto the shooter.

But according to the rumors, the major highlight of this camera will still be its increased ISO performance. This will of course manage to give a boost to its low light photography offerings. Last year, Nikon had also introduced an astrophotography-focused D810A variant, which we’re sure won’t be upgraded anytime soon.

Canon EOS 1DX Mark II

Canon EOS 1DX
This is another big daddy from Canon which millions from over the world are awaiting with bated breath. The Mark II version will bridge the gap between the 1DX and the filmmaker-friendly 1DC in order to replace both, and is hence expected to ship with 4K video support at a whopping 60fps and 1080p support at 120fps.

There are even talks that Canon will be opting for a new sensor technology as well as a fresh autofocus system, which is not at all a surprise. The latter is believed to feature more than 80 AF points which you will apparently be able to control using some kind of a touchscreen mechanism.

Pentax full frame camera (Unnamed)

Pentax Full Frame
The spring of 2016 is all set to see the launch of a new Pentax-branded full frame DSLR from Ricoh. This is confirmed news, as it has come straight from the company’s mouth, according to Adorama which had managed to capture pictures of its prototype during last year’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York City.

However, little is currently known about what kind of specifications this DSLR camera will bring alongside it. One thing that it has been confirmed to feature is a flip-out LCD monitor for reviewing images and other purposes. Being a full-frame shooter, it will of course kick in a 35mm sensor, the resolution of which remains a secret.